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By establishing governance and strategy for CSR, Doosan Corporation is systematically implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility.

Doosan Corp established ‘Doosan Way’ in 2012 to make ‘Proud Global Doosan’ and it stands firmly on its will to practice social responsible management. Furthermore, we established the corporate CSR strategy to respond preemptively to the demands and evaluations about diverse, domestic and foreign social responsible management; the CSR strategy includes CSR goal, mission, strategy directions, CSR prioritized agendas and enablers. Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell practices CSR management based on its CSR strategy. For a more effective CSR management, Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell established a task force and built an operation system to conduct its strategic agendas in 2013.

Proud Global Doosan

The Doosan Way
CSR Goal
Addition to the Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies in the World Index* by 2025
CSR Missison
Supporting Responsible and Sustainable Growth
CSR Pillars
(Focus Areas)

Respect for People

Reliable Operations

Responsibility in Engagement

CSR Value Creation

CSR Priorities
(Main Tasks)
  • 1. Nurture a culture of respecting human rights
  • 2. Fair employment
  • 3. Establish a safe workplace environment
  • 4. Enhance fair operations and supply chain CSR
  • 5. Green management and climate change mitigation/adaptation
  • 6. Strengthen product/service responsibility
  • 7. Incorporate business value to sophisticate community involvement activities
  • 8. Reinforce disclosure of corporate information (CSR)
  • 9. Implement businesses that create CSR value
  • 10. Improve CSR performance monitoring
Develop strong CSR governance (Execution system/Commitment by management and employees)
The 9 Core Values (People, Cultivating People, Integrity and Transparency, Inhwa, World-class Technology and Innovation, Customers, Profit, Social Responsibility, Safety and Environment)
Demand of
Global CSR Initiative : UN SDGs / ISO 26000 / UN Global Compact / GRI

Composition and Operation of the CSR Committee

We formed the CSR Committee as our supreme decision-making body and assigned it the tasks of developing the company’s CSR strategic directions, reviewing our CSR management activities, deriving improvement tasks, and reviewing implementation plans. The CSR Committee is composed of representatives from all business groups and units, business divisions, and the management division, and officers from key departments. It is chaired by the head of the business division, while the relevant officers are responsible for its five subcommittees (i.e. the HR, EHS, R&D, Supply Chain and CSR sub-committees). The heads of its business groups and business units participate in the CSR Committee as members to ensure that each business division actively promotes CSR activities. The CSR Committee holds three meetings per year in March, July and December. The plans and achievements of the tasks performed by each business group or unit are reported at the meeting. Furthermore, the meetings are operated as a forum for designing improvement plans based on in-depth discussion of the key CSR issues.

CSR Execution System

Our CSR programs are operated by our sustainable management team. The sustainable management team diagnoses the CSR of its management activities in order to survey economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities each year, and to report the outcomes to the CSR chairperson and the representatives of our diverse business groups and units. The team draws up action plans by deriving improvement tasks through subcommittees composed of working-level personnel from business groups and units. The members in charge of the five subcommittees report to the CSR Committee their plans for implementing the tasks after surveying the status of their respective subcommittees. To communicate with the stakeholders in and outside the company on the achievements and plans reported to the CSR Committee each year, we publish the CSR Report after submitting it for review and approval by the committee members and the chairperson.

CSR Risk Prevention and Management

We perform annual CSR assessments in the 2nd half of e ach year to effectively undertake and manage CSR initiatives across the board. Such assessments consist of preliminary paper-based questionnaires and on-site interviews. Assessment outcomes are used to identify and prioritize areas with substandard management criteria and to define and undertake improvement tasks concerning major issues. Furthermore, these assessments and on-site interviews have been also performing in our overseas worksites since 2016 as part of our endeavors to gradually expand CSR management.

External Evaluation

Since our CSR operational system was established in 2013, we have been voluntarily conducting CSR assessments and identifying improvement tasks so as to continuously elevate our CSR performance. These endeavors enabled us to be listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Asia Pacific Class in the Industrial Conglomerates category for three years in a row in 2014 and 2016. We were also rated A in the ESG evaluation performed by the Korea Corporate Governance Service in order to recognize sustainable companies that meet their social responsibility among domestic listed companies.

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Our Belief

The spirit that drives our people is the core of the Doosan Way.


To become the leading global fuel cell company that creates value for our customers through unparalleled products and technology.

Our Strategy

Doosan’s strategy is based on the principle of “2G” - Growth of Business by Growth of People.

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