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Inside the PureCell® System

The innovative Doosan PureCell® System is a complete energy solution for generating clean electricity and heat from natural gas with a market-leading energy efficiency and reliability.

Doosan Fuel cells Processor image

1. Fuel Processor (Reformer)

The fuel processor converts (reforms) natural gas to a hydrogen gas to feed the fuel cell stack.

2. Fuel Cell Stack

Hydrogen and air are combined in an electrochemical process that produces direct current (DC) electricity, pure water and heat. The byproduct water (in the form of steam) is used in the fuel processor for natural gas reformation.

3. Power Conditioner

The DC power provided by the fuel cell stack is conditioned to provide grid-interactive, high-quality alternating current (AC) power output.

4. Integral heat recovery

An integral heat recovery system can heat facility water for purposes such as space heating, domestic hot water, and cooling in conjunction with an absorption chiller.

How a Fuel Cell Works

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PureCell Model 400 Datasheet

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