Safety & Health Management

Doosan Fuel Cell focuses on safety and health of
our employees and practices ethical management.
  • 01

    EHS leadership activity

    Management of Doosan Fuel Cell has reaffirmed a commitment to EHS and has been promoting EHS activities, including health and safety inspections, EHS meetings and discussions. Our active engagement in EHS enables us to raise employees’ awareness of safety, to prevent industrial accidents and to contribute to sustainable growth.
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    EHS compliance and accident prevention

    Doosan Fuel Cell has established safety, health and environmental rules and complies with them for industrial accidents and hazards prevention. We identify hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm at work through risk assessment. We build effective hazard control measures and offer training and inspection to avoid injuries or illnesses.
  • 03

    Supplier safety management and partnership

    Doosan Fuel Cell has established workplace safety and health control regulations for construction done by suppliers. Facility or office constructions and maintenance in Doosan workplace are subject to the regulation. On the other hand, we have regular safety meetings with our suppliers to share and resolve potential health and safety issues.
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    Emergency response

    Doosan Fuel Cell responds swiftly to accidents and emergency to protect life and property of employees of Doosan and partners, and citizens. Doosan remains vigilant for harms and hazards caused by industrial accidents or natural disasters. We, thereby, executed evacuation processes and drills and keep cooperative with other stakeholders.
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    Employee health management

    Doosan Fuel Cell offers a regular medical checkup not only for employees, but also for contingent workers to help them stay healthy and free from occupational diseases. Furthermore, if employees were diagnosed with diseases, medical service is given to keep track of their health status and health counseling and other health promotion activities are provided to encourage them to stay fit.

October 1, 2019CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell, Sookyung Yoo