Environmental Management

Doosan Fuel Cell has committed to environmental protection and preservation for clean future.
  • 01

    Pollutants Minimization

    Doosan Fuel Cell has set up our own emission standard, 50% lower than legal limit of air pollutants. We conduct regular measurement, inspections and maintenance to achieve our target, thereby minimizing our environmental footprint.
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    Waste control

    Doosan Fuel Cell remains committed to waste reduction at each process. We identify recyclable wastes or minimize the amount of waste going to landfill. Furthermore, wastes are stored in proper places in accordance with relevant laws. Doosan assesses performance of waste treatment agencies for transparent and fair waste control.
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    Greenhouse gas management

    Doosan Fuel Cell calculates greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis, using IPCC guideline and national policy, in order to engage in government and Doosan group’s actions to combat climate change. We take advantage of our emission checkup to reduce air pollutants emitted at work.
  • 04

    EHS IT system

    Doosan Fuel Cell leverages EHS IT system to compile a wide rage of environmental facility (air or water quality) data, from baseline, operation, waste type/quantity by process to waste disposal. We analyze this statistical data to monitor legal compliance and to identify areas for improvement.

October 1, 2019CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell, Sookyung Yoo