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Doosan Fuel Cell partners with KSOE on development of maritime fuel cells

- Collaboration plan was unveiled for Maritime SOFCs and marine and shipbuilding joint-research

Doosan Fuel Cell signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding,
a shipbuilding holding company of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, for the joint development of green SOFCs 

for ships.

An MoU ceremony held at the Bundang First Tower Research Institute of KSOE was joined by Sang-jin Moon, 
Senior Vice President of Doosan Fuel Cell R&D/New Business Division, and Woo-Seung Shim, Head of Korea 
Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Institute.

Both companies agreed to develop a MW class Solid Oxide Fuel Cell systems and to carry out joint research 
and development in the shipbuilding and offshore fields. Doosan Fuel Cell will design and manufacture maritime 
SOFC systems as well as conduct safety testing and develop system control logic while KSOE is in charge of 
fuel cell arrangement and development of ship-linked system control technology, taking maritime nature into 

Marine fuel cells are key to ushering into the green maritime era as they are highly efficient fueled by Hydrogen 
and LNG to generate electricity with an approximate 40% higher generating efficiency than other conventional 
marine engines as well as less Sox, NOx, other pollutants, and greenhouse gasses emitted. Amidst IMO’s 
announcement to reduce total annual GHG emissions from international shipping by at least 50% by 2050 
compared to 2008, the two companies showed their commitment to developing maritime fuel cells swiftly with 
the aim of strengthening competitiveness in the shipbuilding industry. 

KOR_대외_두산퓨얼셀 한국조선해양 업무협약식.jpg
▲ Sang-jin Moon(left), Senior Vice President of Doosan Fuel Cell and Woo-Seung Shim, Head of Korea 
Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Institute signed the MoU for joint development of maritime SOFCs.

“Maritime Fuel Cells power and propel ships, substituting for generators as well as main engines. Furthermore, 
fuel cells will improve energy efficiency, using EMS,” says Sang-jin Moon, Senior Vice President of Doosan Fuel 
Cell. “Going one step forward, Doosan Fuel Cell will be devoted to diversifying fuel cell applications.”
*EMS shorts for an Energy Management System, IT software which controls energy use for better efficiency.

Doosan Fuel Cell unveiled its plan to develop highly efficient SOFCs in October and has been involved in a 
project funded by the Ministry of Trade and Industry with an aim of manufacturing its SOFC systems in Korea 
in 2024.