• Audit Committee

    Audit Committee consists of all the company's Outside Directors.

    Type of Directors Name Position Date of appointment Tenure
    Outside Director Dongsu Kim Chairman/Director (non-standing) 2021-03-31 3 years
    Outside Director Kwanyoung Lee Director (non-standing) 2022-03-29 3 years
    Outside Director Changhyeon Ko Director (non-standing) 2022-03-29 3 years
  • Audit Committee
    Member Selection

    • 01

      • Search Firm
      • Develop a pool of candidates for membership of the Audit Committee
    • 02

      • Outside director candidate recommendation committee
      • Select outside candidates for director to be appointed as member of the Audit Committee
    • 03

      • Board of Directors
      • Make decision on items recommended by members of the Audit Committee
    • 04

      • General Shareholders'Meeting
      • Make the final selection of Audit Committee members after decision by the General Shareholders'Meeting