Our top priority is to provide customers with ‘clean, stable and optimal hydrogen energy solution’.
That’s why we constantly striving to secure safety by designing products that meet global standards, producing high-quality/reliable fuel cells through upgrading the quality management system, and performing KESCO fuel cell product inspections.

R&D Quality

  • New product development and quality gate management through PDP (Product development process)
  • Verification of conformities of new and changed products through KESCO type test

Component Quality

  • Supplier-made change control
  • Securing the quality of partner companies’ parts by continuously supporting partner companies’ mass production processes and conducting audits

Process Quality

  • Securing manufacturing integrity through real-time quality trend monitoring based on MES and quality gate review
  • Process analysis and process optimization through statistical quality control
  • Securing fuel cell safety through regular product inspection of KESCO

Service Quality

  • Stabilizing PPLT operation by providing service through LTSA (Long term service agreement) in a timely manner
  • Constant capacity improvement training for service operators and operation of control center for monitoring PPLT in real-time