Human Rights Management

Human Rights Policy

Doosan Fuel Cell respects the human rights of not only employees but also all stakeholders in every business activity and highly recommends the same level of human rights management for third parties, including business partners.
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    Non-discrimination in employment and freedom of association and collective bargaining
    In relation to employment, we do not discriminate against gender, religion, disability, age, social status, or origin. In addition, we assure equal pay for workers, freedom of association and freedom of collective bargaining, and do not give any disadvantages for union activities.
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    No Forced and Child Labor
    We do not accept any forced labor and human trafficking that may occur in our business activities. We comply with the minimum employment age set by laws and regulations of nations where we do our business. We prevent any wrongful labor practices that endanger human dignity. If we become aware of employing those who are under the minimum working age, we take immediate actions against it.
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    Occupational safety and responsible supply chain management
    We maintain a safe working environment, complying with environmental, preservation and safety-related laws and standards applicable to the workplace` and implement safety and health measures for the pregnant, people with disabilities and other vulnerable workers. We will establish supply chain CSR risk management policies and guidelines, continue to monitor them and all business partners for compliance. We will also stop trading with our supply chains where serious human rights violations are not rectified.
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    Protection of human rights and environmental rights of residents
    We respect the right to life of residents who live where we do business and their freedom of movement, personal safety and property ownership. In addition, we continue to adhere to the principle of a preventive approach to environmental problems and make an effort to prevent or mitigate serious environmental damage and environmental disasters and establish and implement a plan to control them.
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    Protection of customers’ human rights
    In order not to harm the life, health, and safety of customers due to defects in products, necessary precautions are provided in accordance with the standards of laws and regulations in designing, manufacturing, and labeling our products. In case of damage caused by the product, the customer is informed of the risk and the product is promptly recalled. we respect the privacy of customers and take necessary measures to secure the personal data collected by the company. To prevent possible human rights violations in the business process, Doosan Fuel Cell has an open cyber reporting center on its website. We protect reporters through the principle of confidentiality and handle them in a prompt and fair manner. We will take the lead in supporting and complying with human rights principles to become a proud Doosan in the world.