EHS Policy

Doosan Fuel Cell is fully committed to creating a safe and clean environment in accordance with the Doosan Credo to fulfill our responsibility toward society and adhere to our core values. We have developed an Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management system, and do our utmost to comply with global standards. With EHS as one of our core management values, Doosan is
committed to providing products and services that improve the
quality of life for people and communities around the world.
To achieve this, we shall :
  • 01

    Minimize the impact of EHS on management
    activities by establishing an EHS management
    system and complying with applicable legal
    and other requirements.
  • 02

    Place the highest priority on the health and
    safety of all employees and suppliers, for which
    the best working environment and operational
    capabilities shall be secured and maintained.
  • 03

    Improve the quality of life for customers and
    contribute to environmental preservation by
    developing eco-friendly technologies,
    products and services.
  • 04

    Actively take part in the environmental
    protection efforts of local communities, fulfill
    social responsibilities, and engage in open
    communication with interested parties based
    on integrity and transparency.
  • 05

    Ensure all employees and suppliers are aware
    of and join our efforts toward achieving full
    compliance with our EHS policy.

January 3, 2022CSHO of Doosan Fuel Cell, Joonyoung Park대표 이사 사인