Environmental Management

In accordance with Doosan's Credo, Doosan Fuel Cell recognizes a safe and clean environment as a responsibility and core value for all of us, our families, and society, and is committed to establishing an EHS (Environment, Health&Safety) management system and complying with global standards.
  • 01

    Establish an environmental management system and carry out continuous improvement activities to improve environmental management performance.
  • 02

    Proactively identify environmental impacts that may occur in overall management activities. We will effectively prevent environmental accidents by improving them, and try to minimize the damage in the event of an accident by strengthening our ability to respond to emergencies.
  • 03

    Minimize the emission of pollutants and waste from the project and minimize environmental risks through regular monitoring.
  • 04

    Comply with environmental laws and regulations and proactively respond to environmental issues and international trends at home and abroad.
  • 05

    Minimize GHG emissions by efficiently using resources and energy, and actively make efforts to respond to climate change.
  • 06

    Actively participate in community environmental protection activities and open communication with our stakeholders based on honesty and transparency.
  • 07

    Continuously invest and research to provide eco-friendly products and services.
  • 08

    Protect the global environment such as air, water quality, and soil, and implement various activities to protect biodiversity.

April 3, 2023CSHO of Doosan Fuel Cell, Joonyoung ParkCEO sign