Supply Chain ESG Management

Doosan Fuel Cell established and published the 「Doosan Fuel Cell Supplier ESG Guidelines」for steady growth of the company. The guidelines were written based on the ten principles of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption of the United Nations Global Compact. They articulate basic matters that all our component or service providers, or those who signed contracts with Doosan Fuel Cell must follow. Doosan Fuel Cell encourages and supports all business partners to develop a virtuous cycle of partnership by complying with these ESG guidelines.

Labor/Human Rights

  • Ban on discrimination/harsh acts/child labor; compliance with basic occupational benefits


  • Occupational safety/work environment management; emergency preparedness, disaster and disease management


  • Hazardous substance/emissions control, resource efficiency improvement; response to environmental regulations

Ethics/Fair Trade

  • Business ethics, fair trade compliance, transparent information disclosure, intellectual property protection, information security

General Management

  • Compliance with regulations