Social Contribution

Employment of athletes with disabilities
Doosan Fuel Cell is endeavoring to nurture the talented through human resource development and job creation. In particular, in order to create jobs for people with disabilities. We signed an agreement with the Jeonbuk Branch of the Korea Employment Agency for Persons with Disabilities and the Jeonbuk Para Sports Association to directly hire athletes with disabilities. The hired athletes have improved their skills in a stable environment with training support such as uniforms, support for participation in competitions, and various welfare benefits, along with salaries, and are doing us proud.
H2Dream Train hydrogen energy human resources
Doosan Fuel Cell, as a company specializing in fuel cells, operates a hydrogen energy human resources training programs to foster future talent. We offer a training program for high school and university students interested in the field of hydrogen energy. Our program provides the students with hands-on knowledge about the hydrogen industry and fuel cell products through site tours of fuel cell power plants where our fuel cells are installed and our manufacturing factories. Additionally, we offer individual career counseling and information about field jobs related to fuel cells to help the students become future hydrogen energy experts.