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Members of the National Assembly Hydrogen Economy Forum visit Doosan Fuel Cell Iksan Plant

- They discussed support measures to promote the domestic hydrogen economy


Doosan Fuel Cell announced on June 14, 2023, that lawmakers in the National Assembly Hydrogen Economy Forum visited the Doosan Fuel Cell Iksan plant to observe the domestic hydrogen industry. Members of the National Assembly Jong-bae Lee, Jeon-cheol Jeon, Jeong-jae Kim, Jeong-moon Lee, Tae-ho Jeong, Ho-young Ahn, Yong-seon Lee, Jeong-sook Yang, and Chairman Jae-do Moon of the Hydrogen Convergence Alliance participated in the visit.

Officials visiting Doosan Fuel Cell Iksan plant are taking commemorative photos.

This visit was designed to discuss support measures - legislation, systems and budget expansion - for implementing the public hydrogen economy policy including supporting FCEV deployment and the hydrogen power generation bidding market.

The hydrogen power generation bidding market, under the CHPS(Clean Hydrogen Energy Portfolio Standards) where hydrogen power generation was separated from the RPS(Renewable Portfolio Standards), was proposed to establish support scheme that meets the characteristics of hydrogen power and to promote the use of clean hydrogen in hydrogen power generation. The general hydrogen power generation market, which begines in the first half of this year, allows extracted hydrogen and by-product hydrogen, and clean hydrogen power generation market is scheduled to start in 2024 after the clean hydrogen certification and related laws are established.

Officials who visited the Doosan Fuel Cell Iksan plant are touring the production facility.

Having arrived at the plant, members of the Hydrogen Economy Forum took an opportunity to understand the company, its products, manufacturing process, and the roadmap for hydrogen fuel cell technology development, then moved to the production facility to see the entire production process. Additionally, they had time to communicate their difficulties and discuss support plans.

“In the global hydrogen economy market, Korea’s fuel cells are recognized as one of the most advanced technologies, and has positioned itself as one of the national core technologies,” says Jeon-cheol Jeon, a member of the National Assembly Hydrogen Economy Forum, “We will remain committed to helping the industry advance technical capabilities so that hydrogen industry can expedite the creation of a domestic hydrogen ecosystem.”

“Taking this opportunity, I expect that various support measures to revitalize the domestic hydrogen economy will be discussed through,” says an official from Doosan Fuel Cell, “Doosan Fuel Cell will continue to develop products, which fit the needs of the bidding market, to enhance localization rate of parts and to develop business cases.”