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Doosan Fuel Cell completes 'Hydrogen Energy Career Path Exploration”, a special lecture to foster talent in the hydrogen industry.

- Intended to raise awareness in the hydrogen industry and hydrogen fuel cells
- As part of corporate social contribution activities, planning to hold twice a year regularly


Doosan Fuel Cell held the "Hydrogen Energy Career Path Exploration", a special lecture to raise awareness of the hydrogen industry and hydrogen fuel cells at the West Incheon Power Headquarters of the Korea Western Power in Seo-gu, Incheon on November 18th. More than 60 people, including high school students and staff, joined the lecture, and Doosan Fuel Cell's hydrogen fuel cell development team lead delivered a lecture.

The class adds value as the corporate social activity is part of the "Basic Hydrogen Energy Curriculum" that Incheon City is providing to foster hydrogen talents with local educational office and universities. The Incheon Metropolitan Government and the Office of Education invite more than 60 high school students twice a year for the curriculum, and Doosan Fuel Cell plans to deliver two special lectures every year starting this year.

Chan-sung Jeon, Doosan Fuel Cell's PAFC R&D team lead, explains the hydrogen industry value chain.

The class was designed to help students understand the safety and social value of hydrogen fuel cells and feel interested in the hydrogen industry. The special lecture began with the introduction of the company, followed by descriptions over ▲what renewable energy is, including hydrogen and ▲what hydrogen fuel cells are made of and how they work. The class ended with a site tour of West Incheon hydrogen fuel cell plant.

In addition, Doosan Fuel Cell had a career counseling with data-based career test sheets to help them explore career path in science, engineering and energy fields.

After the 'Hydrogen Energy Career Exploration Class', participants are taking a photo-op.

"Incheon City has policy for promoting hydrogen industries and fostering hydrogen talent,” says an official from Doosan Fuel Cell. “Incheon is working with Doosan Fuel Cell and running multiple fuel cell power plants. Doosan Fuel Cell will contribute to talent development in the hydrogen field by giving various education opportunities for those who have an interest in hydrogen."