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Doosan Fuel Cell Wins 'Innovation Best Practice’ at 2023 Management Grand Awards

- Host by Korea Management Association Consultants, winning Innovation Best Practice awards
- PAFC M400 was recognized for Innovation and technology value in economy, society, and environment


Doosan Fuel Cell PAFC was selected as the Innovation Best Practice of the Year at the 2023 Management Grand Awards held at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul on December 5th.

Doosan Fuel Cell Vice President Sang-jin Moon(third left) is taking a photo-op with Doosan Fuel Cell ESG team members.

Organized by KMAC, the award, which marks its 36th anniversary this year, is designed to discover companies that have created outstanding results through management innovation and to promote best practices of innovation so that revitalizing the industry. The Innovation Best Practice award is given to companies that have developed innovative or market leading products thereby adding value based on recommendation and verification by academic and industrial experts.

The flagship product of Doosan Fuel Cell is PAFC. It is an eco-friendly and efficient power source with 90 percent combined efficiency(electricity+heat) with a long life and quick load following, thanks to its low operation temperature(less than 200℃). Diverse product portfolio includes a natural gas fueled model, a hydrogen model where hydrogen is directly fed, and a dual model(NG as a main fuel, LPG as emergency backup fuel) for flexible response to customer demand fluctuations.

Doosan Fuel Cell has supplied a total of 1,197 units(526.71 MW) in Korea including PAFC, and is installing 390 units (171.16 MW). Being the first hydrogen fuel cell export as a Korean company to China in 2021, Doosan Fuel Cell has a total of 117 units (51.87 MW) in operation in the U.S. and the U.K., and is installing 36 units (15.54 MW).

Starting this year, the Clean Hydrogen Portfolio Standard(CHPS) was introduced to separate the hydrogen power generation sector from the existing Renewable Portfolio Standard(RPS) with an aim to provide appropriate support the hydrogen power generation sector, and to promote clean hydrogen use. Doosan Fuel Cell secured a total of 110.42 MW of the general hydrogen bid in the first and second half of the year, equivalent to a 63% share of the total volume.

"The award is a fitting tribute to sustainability of our hydrogen fuel cells but also its innovation," Moon Sang-jin Moon, Vice President of Doosan Fuel Cell. "We will continue to contribute to ushering into the hydrogen economy by exploring new applications such as low-temperature stationary SOFC, maritime SOFC, and green mobility."
Meanwhile, Doosan Fuel Cell is building a 50MW factory in Saemangeum Industrial Complex to mass-produce medium and low-temperature SOFCs, and plans to enter the power generation SOFC market in 2024 and the maritime SOFC market in 2025.