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Doosan Fuel Cell Cultivates Local Talent in Hydrogen Energy Field

- Incheon Metropolitan City, Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education and Doosan Fuel Cell signs MOU with Korea Western Power to "cultivate hydrogen energy talent in Incheon Metropolitan City"
- Designed to educate hydrogen energy and to provide career and aptitude exploration
- In connection with local universities, 'Doosan Fuel Cell Exploration Program' is also run


Doosan Fuel Cell has started to nurture the development of hydrogen talent as part of corporate social contribution for the local community.

Doosan Fuel Cell announced on April 12th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Incheon Metropolitan City, Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education, and West Incheon Power Headquarters of Korea Western Power to "cultivate hydrogen energy talent in the City" at the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education on April 11th.

After the MoU ceremony on April 11th, Joonyoung Park(first left), Vice president of Doosan Fuel Cell, is taking a photo with the participants.

Under the agreement, the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education will operate a curriculum for basic education of hydrogen energy, and the Incheon Metropolitan Government will promote for the local community to raise awareness of the safety and eco-friendliness of hydrogen energy. Doosan Fuel Cell will provide education and energy sector career and aptitude, the West Incheon Power Headquarters will support field trips and introduce related jobs.
The "Hydrogen Energy Basic Curriculum" is a program conducted by the Incheon government, the Education office and nearby schools for high school students to foster hydrogen talent.

Doosan Fuel Cell held vocational guidance education on the "Hydrogen Energy Career Class" as part of its hydrogen energy curriculum in November last year, and through this agreement, the career education will be held regularly every year. It will also help students find a work in science and engineering which fits their aptitude using data-based career test.

The class consists of ▲Learning the renewable energy industry including hydrogen, ▲Learning how hydrogen fuel cells work and what value it adds in society, economy, and environment, and ▲Touring power plants and hydrogen fuel cell plants.

“Doosan Fuel Cell's social contribution focuses on human growth, cooperative system with local communities, and reflecting the value of business,” says an official of Doosan Fuel Cell. "This class best fits our commitment to local communities. We will provide various education opportunities so that students have an interest in hydrogen energy and find a job fits for them in the field, thereby becoming a talent in the sector."

On April 5th, Doosan Fuel Cell invited students from KAIST to the Iksan plant as part of Doosan Fuel Cell Exploration Program. After the event, participants are taking photos.

Doosan Fuel Cell plans to cooperate with local universities to perform Doosan Fuel Cell Exploration Program twice a year in the first half and the second half of each year. The program was designed to attract talented people by inviting college and graduate students interested in the hydrogen field to Doosan Fuel Cell's Iksan plant, explaining the overall hydrogen industry, introducing hydrogen fuel cell products, introducing jobs and factory line, and having conversations with seniors. Earlier this month, the company conducted the first program for Chonbuk National University students and KAIST students.