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Doosan Fuel Cell Signs an MoU on Fuel Cell-Linked Reduced Pressure Power Generation System Development

- Signed an MoU with LS ELECTRIC·Hanwha Power Systems·Hanwha Asset Management for renewable energy generation business model development.
- Aimed to promote renewable energy use, make energy more efficient and fulfill “Green New Deal project.”


Doosan Fuel Cell unveiled an MoU with LS ELECTRIC, Hanwha Power Systems and Hanwha Asset Management to develop and commercialize ‘Fuel Cell-Linked Reduced Pressure Power Generation System Technology’ on August 13th.

This partnership was designed under the frame of government’s Green New Deal project. The four companies will partner to utilize unused energy from governor stations. The MoU helps i) technical collaboration in tapping into unused energy, ii) efficiency by using multi energy sources and iii) new business model development and associated financial service packages.

Governor stations lower pressure of natural gas so as to supply city gas to households. In the process the stations generate waste pressure which the four companies are set to turn into electricity. Waste pressure - that has been dumped – will work as an energy source through TEG (Turbo Expander Generator) to generate electricity. Fuel cells will provide heat sources to compensate for temperature lost from the process.

Doosan Fuel Cell will provide a fuel cell system for heat and electricity supply and in the meantime, it will be in charge of long time services under the LTSA.

Korea Gas Corporation pushes ahead with reduced pressure generation demonstration around the Baran Governor station in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. It plans to transform the stations to hydrogen stations. To this end, KOGAS seeks Tri-gen (electricity, heat, hydrogen generation) fuel cells which Doosan Fuel Cell is developing as part of a government project.

"This business model is of profound value as it brings an energy efficeiency opportunity stemming from green energy," says Sungjun Lee, Sales Director of Doosan Fuel Cell. "Doosan Fuel Cell will remain committed to renewable energy business development in line with the Green New Deal project."

Doosan Fuel Cell has produced fuel cells since 2017 in Korea. It has been working with 192 Korean suppliers and achieved 98% ratio of local parts used in its products. 114 fuel cells were provided by Doosan Fuel Cell to Daesan Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant, world’s first & largest-of-its-kind by-product hydrogen fuel cell power plant, and these power plants are up and running now. Doosan Fuel Cell has manufactured 987 fuel cells, worth of 433.86MW in Korea.

Doosan Fuel Cell signed an MoU with LS ELECTRIC, Hanwha Power Systems and Hanwha Asset Management on last 12th to develop and commercialize Fuel Cell-Linked Reduced Pressure Power Generation System. Sungjun Lee, Sales Director of Doosan Fuel Cell (second from left) joined the signing ceremony.