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Doosan Fuel Cell joins '2020 Green New Deal Expo'

- Doosan showed how fuel cells have been utilized across key national infrastructure facilities.
- The company cast light on fuel cells as a clean energy source for smart farms, data centers and clean ports while ushering in green society…


Doosan Fuel Cell took a chance to show its technologies in 2020 Green New Deal Expo held for 3 days from October 28th to 30th at Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP).
The Expo serves as a ‘Green think-tank platform’ providing exhibitions and conference where South Korean government, local governments, green energy corporations and citizens share innovative ideas and strategy in regard to ‘Green Energy’.

Doosan Fuel Cell displayed how hydrogen fuel cells are employed in key infrastructure. As Doosan fleet can operate 24/7, they are able to provide electricity and heat in a stable manner, which makes them best suited for powering and heating infrastructure and residential buildings. In addition, swift output control compensates intermittency and volatility of renewables, such as wind and solar. Doosan’s fuel cells are fueled by natural gas, LPG as well as hydrogen, reducing fuel dependency.

“One fuel cell generates 440kW which powers 1,000 to 2,000 households,” said Junseok Kim, head of Marketing team of Doosan. “Our fuel cells generate electricity and heat simultaneously with more than 90% efficiency.”

Doosan Fuel Cell CEO Sookyung Yoo (5thfrom left), Prime Minister Chung Syekyun (12thfrom left), Minister of Environment Cho Myungrae (9thfrom left), Jeju Governor Won Heeryong (15thleft) and other key figures attended the opening ceremony of 2020 Green New Deal Expo on October 28th..

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun, Minister of Environment Cho Myungrae and Money Today President Hong Sunkeun and key figures took a look at Doosan booth.

“Doosan Fuel Cell is taking the lead in ushering in the hydrogen society. Fuel cells are versatile as a clean energy source. Electricity generated from our units benefits smart farms as fuel cells are more efficient than other conventional generators. It also creates value for data centers as these facilities require best quality of power and reliability. Installing fuel cells in the vicinity of ports would help make them cleaner ports without emitting pollutants,” said Sangjin Moon, vice president of R&D/New business division of Doosan Fuel Cell. “We are the ‘First Mover’ that is helping shape our hydrogen future for all people.”

In the meantime, conference was held in this expo under the 4 themes: (i) R&D - Promising technologies for hydrogen society; (ii) Hydrogen city – How clean and safe hydrogen cities would look like; (iii) Investment - New investment opportunities found in Green New Deal; and (iv) Standardization - Green hydrogen generated by renewables, Hydrogen fueling, Global market landscape and Standard.

Doosan Fuel Cell booth displayed in 2020 Green New Deal Expo held from Oct 28thto 30that Dongdaemun Design Plaza.
Before key figures at Doosan booth, Sangjin Moon, vice president of R&D/New business division of Doosan Fuel Cell, showed fuel cells after the opening ceremony on 28th.