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Doosan Fuel Cell Aims to Supply Fuel Cells to Smart Farms and Charging Stations

- Doosan signed an MOU with STX which has global business platform to expand its portfolio


Doosan Fuel Cell signed an MOU with STX, which boasts various global business platforms, to start new fuel cell business together on July 6th. The signing ceremony was joined by Sookyung Yoo, CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell, and Sangjoon Park, CEO of STX, at Doosan Tower in Jung-gu, Seoul.

With an aim of responding to the Moon administration’s Green New Deal strategy, two companies will utilize ▲CCUS(Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage)* technology to collaborate on fuel cell development to be leveraged to smart farming and ▲charging stations fueled by Tri-gen.
*CCUS is a green technology of capturing carbon dioxide to be recycled for further usage

Smart farming is a concept where IT is applied to the agricultural industry to promote productivity. Heat generated by Natural Gas fuel cells can work as an energy source for air conditioning system in greenhouses, cutting energy cost. On the other hand, CCUS technology enables CO2, a byproduct of fuel cells, to be supplied to boost plant growth.

This MOU also indicates that Tri-ten, which is being developed by Doosan, will be installed to charging and gas stations as a distributed energy resource. As Tri-gen generates electricity, heat, and hydrogen at the same time in urban areas, it fits charging stations where hydrogen and electricity are supplied together, not to mention hot water supply and district heating.

“STX’s expertise in energy, raw material import and export, marine industry and global network will benefit us to expedite development,” said Sookyung Yoo, CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell. “Doosan Fuel Cell will remain committed to developing new technologies, including tri-gen, maritime fuel cells and SOFC to usher into hydrogen economy.”

Sookyung Yoo, CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell(Right) and Sangjoon Park, CEO of STX signed an MOU on 'joint development of fuel cell business'.
Sookyung Yoo, CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell (right) and Sangjoon Park, CEO of STX are signing the MOU.