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Doosan Fuel Cell Signs an MOU for Industry-Academic Cooperation on Green Voyage

- Joined by 36 organizations, including the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean engineering


36 institutes and companies, including the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, South Jeolla Province, Mokpo, and Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean engineering(KRISO) signed an MOU for industry-academic collaboration on green voyage at Yeongam Hotel Hyundai on July 28.

“The Act on the Promotion of Development and Distribution of Environment- Friendly Vessels was enacted in 2020. Last month, ‘Marine Industry Leading Country Development Strategy 2030’ was introduced with an aim to reach 15% eco-friendly ships in Korea by 2030, and commercialize zero carbon ships in 2050,” said Seonghyeok Moon, Minister of Oceans and Fisheries. “Transition to eco-friendly shipping is a new and unknown path. However, I believe it will be an answer to our future.”

Under the agreement, each party will collaborate on green vessel R&D, adoption, and commercialization, thereby nurturing a green voyage environment. Key findings from the collaboration are expected to help promote Korean New Deal and economic development. On the other hand, participants agreed to ensure technologies developed under the MOU are appreciated by IMO and ISO for leading global standard and advancing into the global market.

This MOU offers another advantage which builds robust network with local governments, research institutes, universities, shipping companies, shipyards, shipbuilders, marine equipment, and engineering companies. It will create through life green vessel value chain from eco-friendly vessel R&D, test to commercialization which promotes an eco-friendly offshore vessel cluster.

The followings are participants of the MOU.
Ministry of Maritime Affairs, South Jeolla Province, Mokpo(central, local governments), Korean Register(ship registers · research institutes · universities), KRISO, KOMERI, RIMS, Mokpo university, Mokpo National Maritime university, (shipping companies) KSS Line, H-Line Shipping, Seaworld Express Ferry, (shipyards · marine equipment companies) Hyundai Heavy, Daehan Shipbuilding, YUIL Group, JK, Hyundai Global Service, Hanwha Defense, Doosan Fuel Cell, KTE, Samhyeon, Durasonic, SAN Engineering, RAONTEC, Trans Gas Solution, (engineering companies), VINSSEN, Daehan Ship Technology, Zinnos, LEEUOUNG SND.

MOU on industry-academic collaboration for green maritime ecosystem was signed at Yeongam Hotel Hyundai on July 28