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Doosan Fuel Cell holds ‘ESG Committee for the second half of 2022’

- Sharing of major ESG achievements and future plans
- “Management level should play a leading role in developing differentiated ESG tasks and evaluation indicators and ensuring that ESG is reflected in the entire management activities.” Says CEO


On the 13thof October, Doosan Fuel Cell held the ‘ESG Committee in the second half of 2022’ in the conference room on the 17th floor of Doosan Tower in Dongdaemun. Employers including CEO Hyeongrak Jeong and employees attended the committee.

Being the first ESG committee of Doosan Fuel Cell, this event will be held semi-annually in the future to review ESG management performance and tasks and discuss mid-to long-term directions.

Doosan Fuel Cell held the `2022 ESG Committee in the Second Half of 2022’ in the conference room on the 17th floor of Doosan Tower, Dongdaemun, on October 13th

“ESG management is not a temporary management trend, but an important agenda that should be the foundation for overall management activities,” CEO says in his opening remarks. “I hope that all employers and employees will do their best so that the ESG management system can be established early and become daily activities.”

Next, a lecture was provided by Yangho Lee, CEO of the Sustainability Lab, on the topic of “ESG and Global Trends as Business Opportunities and Risks”. Yang-ho Lee, CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell, cited the expansion of demand for maritime hydrogen fuel cells as a result of carbon neutrality as a business opportunity for Doosan Fuel Cell. In addition, he emphasized that ESG regulations are going into a much greater level of granularity and continuous efforts are needed to improve human rights in the supply chain and the  working environment.

After the lecture, ESG performance of Doosan Fuel Cell, which had been promoted for the last year, was shared and major ESG tasks were presented. The major tasks were ▲Establishment of a climate change response plan and
carbon-neutral roadmap, ▲Enhancement of environmental efficiency by saving water, and reducing waste, and pollutants, ▲Reinforcement of supply chain risk management, ▲Human rights risk management activities, ▲Expansion of social contribution programs and ▲Establishment of ESG initiatives .

“All employers and employees should bear in mind that you are  major players in ESG management,” says Doosan Fuel Cell CEO. “Leaders should play a leading role in developing differentiated ESG performance indicators to capture and manage changes and ensure that ESG is reflected in overall management activities.”

Doosan Fuel Cell published its first sustainability report this year, and plans to share annual sustainability report including Doosan Fuel Cell’s ESG performance and plans with stakeholders.