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Doosan Fuel Cell Signs MOU with KT for ‘Fuel Cell Business Expansion’

- Doosan and KT unveil a joint development initiative for AI-centered fuel cell power plant auto control platform.
- They announce a joint effort to reduce buildings’ energy bills and engage in the hydrogen city project.


Doosan Fuel Cell and KT signed MOU for ‘fuel cell business expansion and AI-based power plant auto control platform R&D’ on 14th April at Novotel Ambassador Hotel, Joong-gu, Seoul.

Doosan Fuel Cell and KT announced a joint effort to leverage Doosan’s fuel cell and KT’s AI technology to develop ‘Fuel Cell Smart Auto Control Platform’ to make the fuel cell running without operators. This intelligent platform is a comprehensive management solution to make real time operating status and energy output monitoring as well as auto control against fire or intrusion possible.

In the meantime, both companies will apply fuel cells to KT subsidiary buildings which have recorded heavy energy consumption so as to save energy bills while involving themselves together in the ‘hydrogen city project’. Last December, Moon administration picked three cities —  Ulsan, Ansan in Gyeonggi Province, Jeonju and Wonju in North Jeolla Province — as hydrogen cities where hydrogen ecosystem is built making hydrogen a major energy source.

“Developing the smart auto control platform would add more value to our customers especially from a maintenance perspective,” says Sungjun Lee, Sales Director of Doosan Fuel Cell. “We will take advantage of this strategic partnership with the aim of making renewable energy readily available, private fuel cell power plant generation project feasible and hydrogen economy robust.”

Fuel Cell is highly efficient power generation system which converts electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to electricity and heat.

Fuel Cell Smart Platform Schematic