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Doosan Fuel Cell Joins Korea-China Smart Farm Village in Pocheon City

- Doosan Fuel Cell provides fuel cells and LTSA in the smart farm village


Doosan Fuel Cell signed an MoU with CJ OLIVENETWEORKS and Shinhan Bank which take part in the ‘Korea-China Smart Farm Village’ project on providing new technologies and financial support at 11:00 am,  Saturday, April 3rd in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province.
This ceremony was jointly hosted by Korea-China Private Economic Association and Mega Time Holdings-Mega Farm Village.

This smart farm village which would sit on a 250,000-square-meter parcel of land of Pocheon with KRW 80+billion investment being expected as the Korea’s first combined smart farm and smart village built by Korean and Chinese public private partnership. This project aims at establishing a smart farm complex advanced from green tourist cities famous for their beauty of forests and waters. The complex will be a residential area in the era of 4thindustrial revolution where Hydrogen fuel cells, renewable energies, agriculture, logistics and leisure facilities coexist.

This agreement will enable Doosan Fuel Cell to employ hydrogen fuel cells’ heat recovery in distributed generation system for heating and absorption chillers for cooling for the first time in the world. Technologies that Doosan will provide are key to the Green New Deal (Hydrogen Economy) and renewable energies.

Fuel cells provided by Doosan produce electricity and heat simultaneously and the thermal energy can heat and cool smart farms, households, hot springs and community centers while saving heating cost. These applications could unleash the full potential of agriculture communities struggling with limited arable crops due to climate factors. This will lead to cost-effectiveness and crop diversity which play an important role in income growth in agriculture.

Sookyung Yoo, CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell (3rd from right) joined the signing ceremony.