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Doosan Fuel Cell declares its vision of ‘Hydrogen Energy Global No.1 Player’

- Targets 1 trillion on in sales by 2023… to grow as no. 1 player in fuel cell for power generation

Doosan Fuel Cell (CEO Yoo Sookyung) held a vision declaration ceremony on October 8 as its first official event since its spin-off and announced its strong start as an independent company.

The vision declaration ceremony was held in Doosan Fuel Cell Iksan factory attended by about 120 employees including Doosan Vice Chairman and CEO Dong Hyunsoo and Doosan Fuel Cell CEO Yoo Sookyung.

Doosan Vice Chairman and CEO Dong Hyunsoo said in his commemorative speech, “Doosan Fuel Cell has made great achievements such as securing PAFC manufacturing mass-production technology, succeeding in the localization of major parts, and achieving 1 trillion won in orders for 2 consecutive years with the dedicated efforts of the employees” and asked “Doosan Fuel Cell to play a leading role in the growth of Doosan Group in the fuel cell market for large power generation with huge growth potential”.

20191010 퓨얼셀 비전선포식_부회장님_r4.jpg
▲Doosan Vice Chairman and CEO Dong Hyunsoo gives his commemorative speech at Doosan Fuel Cell vision declaration ceremony.

Doosan Fuel Cell CEO Yoo Sookyung introduced its specific growth strategy to achieve 1 trillion won in sales by 2023 to Doosan Fuel Cell employees and declared ‘Hydrogen Energy Global No. 1’, the vision of Doosan Fuel Cell.

Doosan Fuel Cell CEO Yoo Sookyung emphasized saying, “let us secure product development capabilities, business development capabilities, manufacturing and procuring capabilities with unrivaled quality”. He also strongly said “let us all give a fearless challenge based on Doosan Credo”.