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Doosan Fuel Cell Teams up with SK Energy on Promoting Hydrogen Charging Fuel Cells

- Doosan Fuel Cell and SK Energy agreed on joint development of ‘hydrogen chargeable fuel cells and commercialization
- Two companies decided to promote green distributed generation and hydrogen charging stations


Doosan Fuel cell announced that they held the first Technology Exchange Meeting(TEM) with SK Energy, an oil refinery subsidiary of SK Innovation, to leverage hydrogen charging fuel cells on August 28th. This meeting was held at Doosan Fuel Cell’s factory in Iksan, North Jeolla Province. Seungjun Lee, Head of Doosan Fuel Cell’s Sales Division and Dongsoo Kang, Head of SK Energy’s S&P Business Division and other representatives from both companies who work in new business development, R&D and manufacturing team.

This meeting was designed to build a detailed plan following the MoU on joint development and commercialization of hydrogen charging fuel cells signed last month between two companies. Participants took a tri-gen technology introduction and toured the manufacturing site at the event. The following is agenda of TEM. ▲Joint development of hydrogen charging Tri-gen and high purity hydrogen generation system ▲Distributed generation and on-site* hydrogen charging station expansion and detailed milestones.
*On-site Hydrogen Charging is a technology to charge hydrogen generated at the site

Doosan Fuel Cell will supply Tri-gen which generates electricity, hydrogen, and heat simultaneously, whereas SK Energy will develop technology to refine Tri-gen-generated hydrogen to high-purity(over 99.97%) so that it can fuel vehicles.

Two companies expect that this green comprehensive energy station where fuel cells charge hydrogen and are leveraged as a distributed generator will contribute to profitability of charging stations and green infrastructure.

“SK Energy’s capabilities of operating electric and hydrogen vehicle charging stations will help us advance our new fuel cell business Doosan Fuel Cell has been preparing,” said an Official from Doosan Fuel Cell. “Starting
with this meeting, we will build close partnership with SK Energy so that we can expedite commercialization. In addition, Doosan Fuel Cell will continue to pay attention to building green infrastructure such as smart farms, electricity/hydrogen charging stations and maritime fuel cells.”.

Tri-gen is being developed under ‘Intelligent Integrated Energy Platform-based Complex Energy Hub Demonstration and Technology Demonstration’ project, a joint development project between the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Energy Technology Assessment Service. Tri-gen will generate ▲hydrogen to charge hydrogen vehicles and to be used in electronic manufacturing and petrochemical processes ▲electricity for charging EVs, back-up power or electricity sales and ▲heat for district heating, hot water and industrial heat sources.

Tri-gen fuel cell is in its final stage of development, scheduled to undergo internal test this year and be installed at KOGAS governor stations.

Photo-op for Seungjun Lee(2nd from left), Head of Doosan Fuel Cell's Sales Division and Dongsoo Kang(3rd from left), Head of SK Energy's S&P Business Division at the Technology Exchange Meeting