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Doosan Fuel Cell Performs Winter Maintenance

- Doosan Fuel Cell inspects hydrogen fuel cell systems and safety control scheme; listens to voice of site workers


With the winter season approaching, Doosan Fuel Cell leadership made a site visit to local power plants where its hydrogen fuel cells are running. This visit was intended to  see fuel cell systems’ performance,
Plus, leadership listened to their voice and appreciated their hard work.

in November, they went to ▲West Power Incheon·Southern Power Incheon; ▲Incheon Fuel Cell; ▲West Power Hwaseong; ▲South East Power Bundang; and ▲Daesan Green Energy, inspecting hydrogen fuel cell systems’ performance, status and safety control. Furthermore, they ensured staff members there comply with preventive measures and personal hygiene for COVID-19.

“As safety of onsite member is more important than anything else, each of them should abide by safety measures,” says Junyoung Park, Senior Vice President of Doosan Fuel Cell. “Doosan Fuel Cell understands our employees’ voice matters. We remain committed to corporate communications and employee listening strategy to ensure employees have a sense of belonging and safety awareness.”

Doosan Fuel Cell leadership performed winter site inspection. They visited power plants in Korea where Doosan’s hydrogen fuel cells are up and running. Completing the inspection, they are taking a photo-op at Daesan Green Energy(left) and West Power-Hwaseong(right).
Hydrogen fuel cell service areas(left) and aisles(right) are safety checked.