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Doosan Fuel Cell’s 3rd Annual Shareholders Meeting to Take Place


Doosan Fuel Cell held its annual shareholders meeting at 10:00 a.m., March 29. The meeting took place at Western Life Hotel in Iksan, where Doosan Fuel Cell headquarters is located.

This year’s meeting, like last year’s, adopted online voting which allowed shareholders to exercise their voting rights remotely. To prevent the potential spread of COVID19, the company took precautionary measures and secured social distance seating arrangements.

All proposals on the agenda were approved. Resolutions adopted there are as follows: i)the approval of financial statement, ii)modification of the articles of association, iii)severance pay provisions, iv)appointment of directors, v)appointment of audit committee members; and vi)approval of the remuneration limit for the directors.

“Despite global uncertainties, supply chain disruption, and inflation, Doosan Fuel Cell kept the largest market share in Korea and became the first Korean fuel cell exporter,” says Sookyung Yoo, CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell. “ This year we will remain committed to expanding our business portfolio so that we sharpen our competitive edge the hydrogen market."

Doosan Fuel Cell holds the 3rd shareholders meeting on March 29, in Western Life Hotel.