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Doosan Fuel Cell Exports Hydrogen Fuel Cells to China

- 11 units of 440kW hydrogen fuel cells, will be exported to China


Following Korea's first overseas exports of  hydrogen fuel cells last year, Doosan Fuel Cell contracted its second one in 7 months.

On April 27th, Doosan Fuel Cell announced that it will export 11 units of 440kW hydrogen stationary fuel cells to  China.

These hydrogen fuel cells will be installed for ‘P2G(Power to Gas)* electrolysis-connected green hydrogen fuel cell demonstration project', which is China's first project in its kind. Doosan Fuel Cell will be in charge of installation, commissioning and maintenance services as well as technical support.
*P2G(Power to Gas) is an energy storage technology which uses renewable energy-generated electric power to produce and store hydrogen.

“This achievement proved our technical prowess and performance are well recognized globally," said Jeff Hyungrak Chung, CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell. “We will remain committed to capturing more opportunities in the Chinese market which generates more hydrogen than any other nations in the world."

Chinese central government has officialized its hydrogen promotion scheme in March. According to the plan, the government will i)prepare hydrogen value chain, ii)complete green hydrogen industry structure, and iii) expand hydrogen
applications across the entire industries by 2035 in phases.