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Doosan Fuel Cell Supplies World First ‘LPG-NG Dual Model’ Fuel Cell Power Plant


This project is designed to construct a 12.32MW(0.44MW * 28Unit) fuel cell plant, named ‘Bitgoeul-ECO Plant’ with 
81.5 billion KRW on the idle premises of Gwangju 1st sewage treatment plant, the first commercialization case of 
LPG-NG Dual Model of Doosan Fuel Cell. This plant will supply 95,000MWh a year, which can power approximately
33,000 households in the city. The construction will be complete in Aug 2022.

21.02.15_두산퓨얼셀 광주연료전지 조감도.jpg

-         Project : Bitgoeul-ECO Plant
-         MW : 12.3MW (0.44MW*28Unit)
-         Construction Period : Feb, 2021 – Aug, 2022

M400 LPG-NG Dual model produces electricity and heat at places without natural gas pipes by using LPG that is easy
to store and transport. In particular, it is designed to be applied to isolated regions and national infrastructure facilities.