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Joins North Gyeongsang Province’s Hydrogen Convergence Town Project

- Doosan participates in the project with North Gyeongsang Province, Andong City, Yecheon County, Gyeongsangbuk-do Development Corporation and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.
- The project aims to develop hydrogen fuel cell power plants, smart farms and hydrogen eco-towns.


Doosan Fuel Cell participates in “the Hydrogen Infrastructure Project“ in Yecheon, North Gyeongsang Province, following “the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generation Converged With Future Food Energy Project” in Hadong
County, South Gyeongsang Province

Doosan Fuel Cell revealed on October 29th, they signed an MoU for ‘Hydrogen Town in North Gyeongsang Provincial Office with North Gyeongsang Province, Andong City, Yecheon County, Gyeongsangbuk-do Development Corporation and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.

After the MoU ceremony on the 28th, Doosan Fuel Cell CEO Jung Hyungrak, (6th from the left in the front row) is taking a photo with attendees.

Doosan Fuel Cell CEO Jeong Hyungrak, North Gyeongsang Province Governor Lee Cheol-woo, Andong Mayor Kwon Kichang, Yecheon Deputy Governor Jeon Jaeeop, North Gyeongsang Province Development Corporation President Lee Jaehyeok, and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power's New Business Division Director Jang Pilho joined the event.

Under the agreement, eco-friendly hydrogen convergence infrastructure including a hydrogen fuel cell power plant will be built on a 6,642㎡-size site in Yecheon County. Electricity produced in the hydrogen fuel cell power plant will be utilized as a distributed power source, and heat will be supplied to about 4,000 apartment houses, smart farms and data centers planned to be built nearby for heating, cooling and hot water purpose. In addition, solar panels will be installed on parking lots and rooftops of the plant.

Doosan Fuel Cell will be responsible for supplying about 15MW (440kW, 34 units) of hydrogen fuel cells, long-term maintenance (LTSA), business licensing and power plant operation support.

“Doosan Fuel Cell has been developing hydrogen convergence business models to diversify our business landscape,” says the CEO of Doosan Fuel Cell. “We will continue to show our commitment to expanding hydrogen infrastructure through collaboration with local governments and power generation companies.”

Doosan Fuel Cell will complete ramp up of its hydrogen fuel cell factory in Iksan, North Jeolla Province in October this year to alleviate its annual maximum production capacity up to 275MW, while completing Tri-Gen demonstration which was designed to produce electricity, heat and hydrogen at the Hwaseong Gas Corporation site in Gyeonggi Province.