Supply Chain ESG Management

Risk Management
In order to prevent the company's loss caused by the partner's risk, all domestic and foreign parts suppliers were defined as ESG risk management partners. All partners will be assessed for ESG risk every year or every three years. We will support the implementation of improvement measures for those classified as high-risk partners. The final results will be reflected in the purchase plan.
Supplier Risk Management Process
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    Business selection stage

    Qualitative/quantitative evaluation of financial and non-financial risks is carried out and reflected in supplier selection through Pass/ Fail

    Information disclosure, environment, social, governance, and economy, 55 items are being evaluated and managed

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    Supplier monitoring

    Financial risk │Monitoring disclosure status using external corporate information platform. Evaluating 8 Indicators in 3 sectors of stability, cash Flow, and activity

    Non-financial risk │Several face-to-face/non-face communications to ensure supply chain stability and receive VOCs

Supplier Risk Management Process
Type Self assessment Site inspection Cycle ESG improvement Procurement reflection
No Evidence Evidence Fuel Cell External agency 1 yr 3 yrs Collabo supplier Penalty Incentive
Critical · · ·
Bottleneck · · · ·
Leverage · · · · ·
Routine · · · · · ·