Social Contribution

Green Walking Challenge
Doosan Fuel Cell, an eco-friendly energy company, holds the Green Walking Challenge every spring and fall to build an in-house eco-friendly culture. The Green Walking Challenge is an eco-friendly social contribution activity that converts the total number of steps accumulated during the campaign into an amount of money and contributes to environmental organizations.
Creation of urban forest
Doosan Fuel Cell converts the number of steps accumulated through the Green Walking Challenge into a donation of up to 20 million won a year and sponsors environmental organizations. Employees and employers plant trees to create urban forests. The urban forest is a green infrastructure in daily life that can be easily accessed by citizens, while absorbing carbon emissions to alleviate climate change and contribute to preserving the ecological environment.
Daihumi Food Bank
Doosan Fuel Cell, whose headquarters and factory are located in Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, is supporting the "Daihumi Bobcha(Food Bank)" in Iksan to improve community welfare. The "Daihumi Bobcha" is a food truck that provides free meals by visiting those who are struggling with the lack access to food in low income areas. Doosan Fuel Cell has signed a sponsorship agreement with Iksan City to donate operation expenses, and employees and employers participate as volunteers on the third Wednesday of every month to help distribute food.