This policy indicates how Doosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. operates and manages video processing devices and why we use them.

1. Ground for and Purpose of Installing Visual Data Processing Devices

Doosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd.(herein after referred to as ‘Doosan’) has installed and utilized visual data processing devices (herein after referred to as ‘CCTV’) pursuant to Clause 1 of Article 25 on Personal Information Protection Act in order to:

  1. • keep facilities secure and prevent fire;
  2. • prevent crime for customer safety;
  3. • fulfill legitimate purpose within the range of applicable laws.

2. CCTV Updates

  1. • Installed Quantity : 24 (as of September 1, 2019)
  2. • Installed Location : Iksan Factory
  3. • Camera Coverage : Common Areas and external/internal entrances

※ Quantity may vary depending on potential relocation/creation/redesign of Doosan Fuel Cell facility as long as it meets the purpose of devices.

3. How Long We Record and Retain and Where We Store Video

Recording time Retention time Place of Storage
24 hours 30 days Iksan Factory operating room
  1. • How It Handled: Video use for unintended purpose, share with third parties, deletion, or viewing are recorded and controlled. Following the expiration of the retention period, video footage is permanently erased so as to ensure that it cannot be restored and physical records are destroyed in a manner where they cannot be reproduced (e.g., shredding or incinerating); provided; however, that if visual data is bound to be stored in accordance with laws and regulations, the footage is stored and controlled separately.

4. Authorized Staff

Your privacy is important to us, so access to the CCTV system is only be for authorized staff stated below. If you have any concerns about our visual data processing, please contact us.

Roles Contact Point Number
Authorization to manage footage Kyumyeong Woo in Management Support Team, Doosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. 063-722-2006
Authorization to view footage Younguk Choi in Management Support Team, Doosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. 063-722-2003

5. Exercise Your Right to View CCTV Footage

  1. • How to exercise your right of access to visual data : Contact the authorized staff who has access privilege prior to your visit to our facility. You can view your video on your visit to our facility.
  2. • Where to watch : Security Zone in our building

※ Documents You Need For Viewing

Requesters Required Documents
Individuals Applicant Identity documents (ID card, driver’s license, or passport), request form (use Doosan form)
Representative Identity document of representatives or power of attorney, a certificate of seal impression, request form (use Doosan form)
Public institutions (Courts or investigation agencies) A copy of government official ID (front/back), bench warrant or submission order, an official document of investigation agencies (signature of a head of organization required)

6. Providing Access to CCTV to Data Subjects

You have the right to ask Doosan Fuel Cell to confirm presence of video you appear on and to show or delete the video at any given time. However, it is limited to footage that you are caught on or when we have a good faith belief that the video is absolutely necessary in an urgent manner for the protection of life, body, and/or property of the data subject.

Request Form (CCTV Footage Request)

Your request to view might be denied in some cases stipulated herein. Managers send reasons of denial in writing within 10 days to you. Refer to potential cases below.

  1. • As the defined retention period having expired, the footage no longer exists;
  2. • Access to video or steps involved might jeopardize the privacy of others;
  3. • Other legitimate reasons exist to refuse the request of data subjects.

7. Security of Video

We use encryption protection for video and its visual information. Additionally, we practice access control to footage and personal data. The use and regular review of access log, including date of creation, viewer, purpose, provides assurance that only authorized personnel have access to and view the footage, preventing data forgery. The storage medium is maintained in a secure environment with locking devices.

8. Updates to Our Operation and Management of Video Processing Devices

This policy was updated on September 30th in 2019. In some instances, we may have to change, modify or amend this policy in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations or evolving security technology. We will post a prominent notice on our website to notify you of any significant changes to our policy and reasons.

  1. - Posting Date : September 30, 2019
  2. - Effective Date : September 30, 2019